Inspire your audience to know that growing a predictably profitable business is 100% possible, while doing LESS than they are currently doing. 

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Society tells us that hard work, hustle and most importantly, having a strong online presence is what leads to success. 

Hard Work and Hustle Is What's Keeping You Broke

There are SO many gurus and influencers sharing the latest launch strategy, the best platform to use, and the best tactics to build a list of raving fans and ultimately, to grow a thriving business.

However, despite many entrepreneurs constantly trying all of the numerous tactics, posting online, launching, going LIVE, etc., entrepreneurs continue to struggle to grow their business.

In fact, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, an astonishing 50% of businesses fail within the first five years.

Because of today's economy, there is more constriction and congestion than ever before, which is why the old, out-dated business model no longer works.

Erica teaches a new, modern and simple 4-step business model that helps entrepreneurs go from Overworked and Underpaid to Predictably Profitable, while doing less than what they are currently doing.

This is quite literally the paradigm shift needed to help entrepreneurs FINALLY create the Income, Impact, and Freedom they crave.

By booking Erica Ferns, you can inspire your audience to know that their success is inevitable when they ditch the old, out-dated business model and instead, start working from this new business model, called Profit Pathways.

The real reason most entrepreneurs haven't attracted the clients and income they want, isn't because they aren't doing enough (despite what the gurus say), it's actually because most entrepreneurs are operating from an out-dated, faulty business model.

The truth is that growing a predictably profitable business has NOTHING to do with hard work and hustle.

Too many entrepreneurs try to grow their business by focusing on the latest and greatest online tactics; however, most continue to struggle, become burnt out and waist money as they continue to get pulled further and further down the marketing blackhole.

Throughout this talk, your audience will learn the REAL reasons they aren't as profitable as they want to be. Again, this has NOTHING to do with not working hard enough or not doing enough.

Profit Pathways

A Talk with Business and Life Transformational Results

A 4-Step Business Model to Becoming Predictably Profitable While Doing LESS Than You're Currently Doing

Profit Pathways reveals a 4-Step framework for learning the REAL foundation for going from a wantrapreneur, who's struggling to survive, to a predictably profitable entrepreneur, who thrives. If your audience follows this step-by-step process, they'll be in a position to grow their business and catapult their results.

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