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 so they can grow predictably profitable businesses and FINALLY create the Impact, Income and Freedom they crave.

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You see, what I've found is that most entrepreneurs have been sucked into the marketing black hole and are operating from a faulty business model, which has only led to more wasted money, frustration, fear, stress and most importantly, despite doing and trying ALL the things, they are still unseen amongst the crowded sea of competitors and as a result, they've struggled to attract more of their ideal clients. 

Been there. Done that.

If you're like most entrepreneurs, then you likely want to to grow and scale your business, but you feel stuck, stressed and not quite sure why what you're doing isn't working... like you're constantly just spinning your wheels and getting NOWHERE. 

I'm here to help coaches, thought leaders and entrepreneurs overcome this huge problem by helping them to uncover their Profit Pathways. 

You've invested in courses, spent money on marketing, you've tried to improve your sales skills and you work overtime, just to do everything you possibly can to try to grow your business.

You're tired of feeling like you're working SO hard and doing ALL the things that the influencers and gurus say to do, but getting no where. 

You became an entrepreneur to create more Impact, Income, and Freedom, but instead, you're spending 90% of your time on the things you don't love and aren't good at.
You feel unheard and even worse, unseen by those who need what you offer.

You know you're made for more, but you feel stuck, scattered and constantly sabotaged by self-doubt, fear, and worry.

You're ready to experience the breakthrough that you've been hoping for, so that you can make more money and FINALLY become a predictably profitable entrepreneur.

And chances are, if you're like most, you're here because...

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Kirista Berry

"I went from ZERO to $6,300/mo in the first 2 months of working with Erica. I'm a single mom and had no previous experience owning a business before. I was feeling like I didn't know what I was doing. I wanted to quit, but knew I couldn't. Before working with Erica, I felt like I was spinning my wheels and getting nowhere. I felt like I was putting in a ton of effort. Erica helped me with the missing piece. I no longer feel like I'm stuck in the crowd anymore. I feel like I'm actually moving forward and setting myself apart. Erica has honestly changed my business, my mindset and her training has been super helpful."


"I really can't say enough about how the pieces just really came together for me. Erica explains in such a clear way and literally walks you through everything step-by-step. I now actually feel confident in talking to clients about my services and feeling like I can actually provide true value to clients. Erica even teaches you a way to differentiate yourself from others. Her program is perfect you are brand new, if you're feeling stuck or if you're looking for something to set yourself apart."


"Working with Erica has been a game changer for me! I wanted to start an online business, so that I could contribute financially without missing out on precious time with my children. I felt directionless and confused about the path to take. Erica has helped me believe in myself and continue on my path of entrepreneurship. I'm so grateful!"

Nathan Marchand

"Erica's coaching has been transformational. Since working with her, I've experienced a 1,000x ROI in my business."

Dr. James

Within the first month of working with Erica, we brought in 29 new patients and have increased out booked consultations by 30%!

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How Erica Helps Her Clients

Erica Ferns is a mom of 2, international speaker, and transformational success coach. She is a former health care provider, who quit her job as a cardiology PA-C in 2018 to spend more time with her family and have more FREEDOM. She has been on a mission to help entrepreneurs make more money in their business, so they can live a life they love and as a result, positively impact their lives, their family's lives and the lives of others.

Through her entrepreneurial endeavors, she saw first hand how entrepreneurs struggle with both client acquisition and retention and thus, she created Profit Pathways, which is a transformational 3-step brain-based business model that helps entrepreneurs to increase revenue by creating their own unique subconscious brand.

Mom, International Speaker, and Subconscious Branding Expert.

Along with being notorious for strategic business growth and development, Erica is an expert in helping entrepreneurs grow predictably profitable businesses using brain based science and neuropsychology, and it's through this that she has created a proven system to help people increase their sales and conversions easily, effortlessly, and ethically.

Who Is Erica Ferns?

She proves that by moving away from the traditional faulty business model and out-dated strategies (that all the gurus talk about), and by moving into the Profit Pathways business model, even the newest entrepreneurs can bypass overwhelm, stress and self-doubt, and instead gain the momentum and confidence needed to become predictably profitable entrepreneurs, all while doing less than they are currently doing.

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How To Identify Your BIGGEST Hidden Money Block, So You Can Breakthrough Your Income Plateau And FINALLY End Your Financial Suffering.


Just type in your best email address below to get access to this FREE training: 

How To Identify Your BIGGEST Hidden Money Block, So You Can Breakthrough Your Income Plateau And FINALLY End Your Financial Suffering.

JOIN THE masterclass for free!